Bate Building

Bate Building
Bate Building contains classrooms, labs, and faculty offices for the College of Business, the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences, the Business Education Department, and the Honors Program.

Arts and Sciences, Thomas Harriot College of
1002 Bate Building
Phone: 252-328-6249
The Harriot College of Arts and Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the natural sciences and mathematics, the social sciences, and the humanities. Almost every student at ECU will take courses in one or more departments within the College of Arts and Sciences.

BB&T Center for Leadership Development
1100 Bate Building
Phone: 252-328-6190
The BB&T Center for Leadership Development advocates and facilitates the incorporation of leadership development as an important dimension of intellectual attention, inquiry and activity at ECU.

Business, College of
Bate Building Third Floor
Phone: 252-328-6966
East Carolina’s College of Business offers undergraduate degrees in accounting, finance, management, marketing, supply chain management, and management information systems.

Department of English
Second Floor
Phone: 252-328-6041
The Department of English offers courses in literature, creative writing, technical and professional communication, rhetoric and composition, multicultural and transnational literatures, folklore, linguistics and teaching English to speakers of other languages, and film studies. Degrees include BA and MA in English and PhD in Technical and Professional Discourse.

THCAS Academic Advising & Resource Center
2008 Bate Building
Phone: 252-737-4454
East Carolina's Thomas Harriot College of Arts & Sciences Academic Advising & Resource Center advises students with the following intended majors: Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Economics, History, Math, Political Science, and Psychology. This office is also a resource to A&S faculty who have advising questions.

Greenville, NC 27858-4353



Upcoming Events

Gender to a Tea

Karin Zipf (Department of History, HCAS) will present Prelude to a Study on Migrant Worker Slavery in Eastern NC as part of Gender Studies' Gender to a Tea...

1/17/2018 12pm
Gender to a Tea

Donna Kain (Department of English, HCAS) will present Chick Tech: Representations of Women in Technology as part of Gender Studies' Gender to a Tea Series.

2/14/2018 12pm
Gender to a Tea

Heidi Bonner (Department of Criminal Justice, HCAS) will present The Challenge of Witness Intimidation in Intimate Partner Violence as part of Gender...

3/14/2018 12pm
Gender to a Tea

Heather Racine-Seibert (Research & Scholarly Communication, Joyner Library) will present Does Feeding My Child Make You Uncomfortable? Lactation Support...

4/11/2018 12pm

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John Hoppenthaler

John Hoppenthaler left a positive review 3/29/2016

A wonderful reading by an old pro!

Shelby Fischler

Shelby Fischler left a positive review 10/8/2015

Unfortunately, I could only attend for about ten minutes due to a mid-term test prep session, but for the ten minutes that I was there, it was the most exciting meeting I have attended.

William Smith

William Smith left a positive review 3/26/2015

Attending the Get LinkedIn workshop was highly beneficial to understanding the correct basis to build a professional profile. The structure and purpose of a LinkedIn account were the main points of the workshop. I had a decent amount of prior knowledge about LinkedIn and being professional but I undoubtedly took several key points from the workshop.

Thanks for providing this workshop,

William Smith