East Carolina University

Event Calendar for Brody Medical Sciences Building

January 21 - February 20, 2019

Tuesday, January 22

Microbiology & Immunology Seminar

(Faculty Candidate presentation) "A critical role of BAFF 60mer in the pathogenic functions of B cells" Akshaya Meher, Phd, Assistant Professor of Research,...

Tuesday, January 29

Microbiology & Immunology Seminar

"The Unique Immune Responses of the Bladder to Infection" Soman N. Abraham, PhD, MS, BS, Professor, Duke University, Durham,...

Tuesday, February 19

Microbiology & Immunology Seminar

"Too much of a good thing? Iron adaptation in Escherichia coli" Misty Thomas, PhD, Assistant Professor, NC A&T State University, Greensboro,...