Thursday, July 24

"Cosmetic Facial Surgery--An Overview"

"Cosmetic Facial Surgery--An Overview" 8:00am

Presented by Dr. Joseph Niamtu, Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon

Summer Memberships

Summer Memberships 8:00am

Dependents 15 and under: $50 Dependents 16 and older: $64 Alumni Dependents 15 and under: $50 Alumni Dependents 16 and over: $104

Student Recreation Center  
Shark Tank in Greenville

Shark Tank in Greenville 9:00am

As part of its commitment to supporting small businesses, U.S. Cellular is bringing "Shark Tank" casting calls to Greenville for the first time in the show's...

Dissertation Defense:

Dissertation Defense: 1:00pm

Nicole DeVaul, PhD Candidate, Anatomy and Cell Biology "PPP1R42 is a Positive Regulator of PP1 in Centrosome Duplication and Separation and Cilia Dynamics"


Thursday, July 24

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