Tuesday, November 17

Block 8W2 Final Examinations Begin

Fall 2020 final examinations begin for classes scheduled for the 8W2 (2nd 8-weeks) session.

CRW 30-Days of Active Living Workout Program

Ready to start or continue living an active lifestyle but don’t have the time or energy to design your own workouts? Then, the 30-Days of Active Living...

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Deadline for Graduate Incompletes

Last day for graduate students to submit work for removal of incompletes given during Fall 2019.

Fall 2020 15-Week Classes End; Grade Replacement and SSOI Deadline

Fall 2020 classes end; last day for submission of grade replacement requests; last day for Survey of Student Opinion of Instruction (SSOI).

Meta-Major Forums: Business + Education

Meta-Major Forums Over the course of the next several weeks the working groups will seek the input of additional campus stakeholders through a series of...

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Grad PIRATE Talk:  Supporting Undocumented Student's High School Experiences and Access to Higher Education

Grad PIRATE Talks: Promoting Inclusion through Research, Action, Teaching and Education The Graduate School, Office for Equity and Diversity and the...

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ECU Piano Studio Recital

Featuring ECU piano students in recital. Not an in-person public event. Will be streamed online for free at the below link.

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Tuesday, November 17