Mendenhall Building

Student Center
Mendenhall is the ECU's former student center and currently is used for offices and meeting spaces.

Greenville, NC 27858-4353

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MrBeast YouTube LLC Open Casting

Open auditions for ECU students will be held to work with MrBeast YouTube LLC and be featured in a video To qualify you must submit an interesting...

2/28 10am
Women Veteran Retreat

A holistic wellness retreat for women veterans. Learn about a variety of options to ensure your wellness.

3/25 9am

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Student Pirate 2.0

Jo Anna Rohrbaugh left a positive review 10/30/2018

It was very informative. It's great to receive confirmation that ECU doesn't give lip service to a term that's become part of today's higher education lingo: sustainability.

Student Pirate 2.0

Jo Anna Rohrbaugh left a positive review 8/30/2018

I stopped by to chat with one of the Career Services employees about how receptive students have been to Handshake so far. It was great to find out that the tee-shirts allotted to the first 1,000 students had been given away--and then some (1,200 total). It was also great to hear that the turn out was especially high during the Get a Clue event. Looks like Handshake got off to a great start with Student Pirate Nation!

Student Pirate 2.0

Jo Anna Rohrbaugh left a positive review 8/28/2018

Loved it. Not only was I offered a lot of useful information, but as one of the first 1,000 students to sign up, I received a free tee-shirt. I'll be wearing it tomorrow for the Get a Clue Event. Thank you, Career Service, for providing this opportunity for students of Pirate Nation!

Student Pirate 2.0

Jo Anna Rohrbaugh left a positive review 8/29/2018

It was great! I stopped by at the Handshake Launch Party table that was set up as part of the Get a Clue event. I was wearing the tee-shirt I'd been given during my visit the day before, and my effort to be a "walking billboard" for Launch was recognized. Thank you!

Student Pirate 2.0

Jo Anna Rohrbaugh left a positive review 8/23/2018

Loved it! I'm a non-traditional student back at ECU after being away for many years, and one of the promises I made to myself was that I'd make this college experience better than the one I had back then. So far, I've been able to do this, through going to a lot of events and joining organizations, many of which didn't exist during my undergrad days. I continue to be impressed with all ECU offers these days to help students make the most of their college experience. Go Pirate Nation!

Jaquai Reese

Jaquai Reese left a negative review 4/4/2018

Unorganized and difficult to get a paper for stamps.

Kelyn Smith

Kelyn Smith left a positive review 11/15/2017

I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT !!!! He was very funny and easy going.

Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith left a positive review 11/10/2017

This was an amazing opportunity to get to know about these dogs, their service to our country and the challenges they have to adjusting to a peacetime environment. It's truly remarkable that the returning soldiers with PTSD are effected similarly to the dogs. The adopters of these heros are incredible people.

Caleb Tolin

Caleb Tolin left a positive review 11/6/2017

This was a great event where you could hear so many perspectives and hear them challenged!

Deepthy Melit Thomas

Deepthy Melit Thomas left a positive review 10/24/2017

It was great and my 1st volunteering.