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Regional Development Institute
300 East First Street
Phone: 252-737-1380

The Office of Engagement, Innovation and Economic Development brings the considerable resources of the University to task in helping communities andcompanies throughout North Carolina address the critical challenges of competitiveness and economic development. As the state's third largest and fastest growing university, ECU is a catalyst for economic growth throughout the region, and our multi-faceted office is the strategic focal point for external organizations to access the university's intellectual and physical assets. We provide information, technical assistance, and problem solving services to facilitate the implementation of economic development plans and programs in the region.

300 East First Street, Greenville, NC 27858-4353



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Thomas Roy

Thomas Roy left a positive review 10/4/2018

It was a great experience that introduced a lot of innovated thinking and real world problem solving.

Chad Carwein

Chad Carwein posted a photo 8/9/2017

Chad Carwein

Chad Carwein posted a photo 8/9/2017

Lauren Mink

Lauren Mink left a positive review 5/5/2014

Good topics and very informative.