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This Continuing Professional Education clinical is part 2 of 2 courses in the Intraoral Radiography Certificate Program. It is designed for the office trained dental assistant needing dental radiography certification and has been approved by the North Carolina State Dental Board of Examiners (NCSDBE) pursuant to G.S. 90-29(c) (12).

The Intraoral Radiography Certificate Course consists of two components; Part 1 is an online self-study designed to teach the fundamentals of x-ray production, safety and protection. This portion constitutes 22 hours of online instruction. Part 2 requires 8 hours (1 day) of hands-on clinical instruction designed to teach receptor placement and exposure techniques needed for successful dental imaging. Both Part 1 and Part 2 give a total of 30 contact hours and must be successfully completed prior to receiving certification in Dental Radiography.

Registration Fees

Part 2 - $320.00
Participants will have one year from the date of initial registration to complete both components of the course. No refunds will be provided, except in exceptional cases.


Part 2 requires 8 hours (1 day) of hands-on clinical instruction under the supervision of the program instructor.

Note: Registration for the Part 2 Clinical cannot occur until all online material and final exam has been completed for Part 1.

Registration deadline: September 20, 2022

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